Hoods are the capture device used to collect fumes being emitted from a process tank or other sources. There are three basic types of hood systems: Lateral exhaust hoods, Canopy hoods, and Enclosing hoods.

AirChem can custom design and fabricate hoods in any shape to meet your needs. All AirChem hoods are fabricated using FRP materials for corrosive environments.

Lateral Exhaust Hood

The Lateral Exhaust Hood is generally the most common type of hood used for open process tanks. It is designed to create an evenly distributed lateral flow of air across the tank and away from the operator. There are several sub-categories of lateral hoods such as the open face, multi-slotted, single finger, double finger, u-finger and lip exhaust, all either updraft or downdraft.

Canopy Hood

The Canopy Hood is located over a tank and is used primarily for capturing steam.

Enclosing Hood

The Enclosing Hood encloses the tank operation. This can be a laboratory hood, a localized tank enclosure or a total enclosure over a complete tank line. The enclosing hood type can greatly reduce the air volume required to maintain control velocities and reduce the size and cost of the associated control equipment.

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