Using water as a scrubbing media, fume scrubbers can remove particulates, acid and caustic mist out of the influent air stream. With the addition of other reactive chemicals adsorption scrubbers can neutralize the inlet contaminates such as hydrochloric acid gasses, ammonia and odors. The scrubber is the primary pollution control component of your ventilation system. >>more


Air Strippers

Air Strippers are a cost effective method for remediating contaminated groundwater by transferring volatile organic compounds (VOC) from the liquid phase to the vapor phase. In many cases, stripping efficiencies to non-detect levels can be achieved. >>more


Carbon Adsorbers

Carbon Adsorbers are made of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) shell and activated carbon packing; these units can have single or dual carbon beds that can be either vertical or horizontal. >>more



Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is the most widely used duct material for corrosive and toxic fumes. FRP duct provides an economical solution to your ventilation system. >>more



With over 30 years experience in air movement control products, our dampers are designed to meet operating conditions and industry standards.

AirChem provides a line of AMCA-certified chemical resistant FRP dampers for air handling systems in corrosive environments. Volume Control Dampers adjust airflow volume while Seal Dampers shut off airflow. >>more



Hoods are the capture device used to collect fumes being emitted from a process tank or other sources.

There are three basic types of hood systems: Lateral exhaust hoods, Canopy hoods, and Enclosing hoods. AirChem can custom design and fabricate hoods in any shape to meet your needs.   All AirChem hoods are fabricated using FRP materials for corrosive environments. >>more


Tower Internals

Packings, packing support beam, plate & multi-beam, liquid distribution headers and troughs are design to provide maximum open area, minimize solids deposits, and allow easy flushing and cleaning ability.

Corrosion resistant FRP tower internals, which identify as liquid distributors, bed limiters, and packing support plates, can be easily install into any tower such as scrubbers, air strippers, and carbon absorbers. >>more