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Horizontal Scrubbers for Ammonia Removal

Air Chem designed Horizontal Scrubber for Ammonia Removal, these Scrubbers processed over 50,000 ft3/min of air with inlet concentrations in excess of 100 ppm.

Process 7000 ft3/min using only water as the scrubbing liquid.

The System achieved over 98% removal efficiency.


Stripping Towers for Ground Water Contamination Removal

Air Chem designed a four-stripper system to separate the 7,800 gallons per minute into four streams of 1950 gpm and achieved an air to water ratio of 60:1 to ensure high removal efficiency.

Featuring FRP fan with a 100HP motor, a sound enclosure, and a dual carbon system.


Three Stages Unit Solution for Sewage Odor Problem

Air Chem designed this 3-stage scrubber sized for 4,000 CFM at 22” W.C.

Scrubbing liquid is composed of two chemicals, NaOH & NaOCl, removal efficiency of the unit is 99%+ on the H2S gas.

Lower pressure drop required a less powerful fan resulting in a 50% savings in operating costs.

Single Stage NOx Vertical Scrubber System

Air Chem engineered a vertical single stage NOx scrubber system with a quenching stage.

The pre-quench unit lower the air stream temperature to a maximum 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

Process 3000 ft3/min with inlet NOx concentrations of up to 20,000 ppm with removal efficiencies of at least 90%.

This unit was packed with 3.5” Lantac high performance packing, 10 ft diameter, and 40 ft high only allowed two (2) minutes dwell time.